Second Glass helps people discover new wines, remember what they drink and share that info with their friends by bringing wineries and wine drinkers together through technology and in-person events. Second Glass develops online and mobile tools for both wine consumers and wine producers, creates a plethora of editorial content and hosts Wine Riot, a huge, innovative and interactive wine event in six cities across the US, all with the goal of getting people to drink more wine.

Want to read about some of the people that helped us get here?

Tyler Balliet

Founder, President

Tyler discovered wine while attending college in the Pacific Northwest. He learned the culture surrounding wine while living for a year in rural France, and then honed his skills working at a wine shop on Newbury Street in Boston. Second Glass was born out of Tyler’s desire to create a fun, entertaining atmosphere when learning about wine. The company began as an unpretentious wine print magazine but soon grew into an event company that ran on new media and technology. Tyler has been instrumental in the use and development of new technologies to create and distribute wine information. He conceived of and developed the mobile application used at Wine Riot and other third-party events and utilizes new social media techniques to make wine information more obtainable and useful to the average consumer. Tyler has been heralded as a new voice in the wine world. He was profiled as one of 2010’s most exciting young entrepreneurs in INC Magazine’s “30 Under 30” and again in 2013 in their “40 Under 40,” named a “Rising Star” by Wine Enthusiast, and crowned “the prince of Boston’s wine revolution” by Stuff Magazine. Tyler has written for Boston Magazine, held a column in the Weekly Dig and was a regular on the NECN Morning Show. He’s also appeared in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and Boston Metro.

Morgan First

Co-Founder and CEO

Morgan is the networker, cheerleader, press liaison and steadfast innovator behind the expansion of Second Glass. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and headed to Boston for college where she earned her degree from Emerson College in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. After graduating she ran 1st Publications Motion Affair Planner (MAP) BOSTON, a combination local city guide and planner that was sold successfully at Barnes and Noble locations across the city. She then switched gears to focus her dynamic vision and marketing prowess on all things wine and social media. Morgan was named INC Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Coolest Young Entrepreneurs in 2010 and is regularly asked to speak on panels and share her skills with the world, including serving a formative member of the Young Entrepreneur Council. She has been recognized for her upbeat can-do attitude and success in various publications including The Boston Globe and MSNBC's Your Business. You can find Morgan tirelessly jetsetting across the US as Second Glass expands its empire.

Stephanie Sullivan

Account Manager

If you’re a winery looking to work with Second Glass, Stephanie is your girl. As our sales maven and winery liaison, Stephanie books all vendors for Wine Riot, Night of the Bubbles and Riesling Riot and ensures each event is fully stocked with all your favorite new wines. You can find her schmoozing with the friendly folks behind the booths or giving you and your friends a quick tour of the space. She would LOVE to hear from you about who you'd like to see in your city!

Brenna Galvin

Office Manager & Customer Service Rep

Brenna is that lovely voice on the other end of the phone for all your ticketing and customer service needs. She’s ensures those pre-Riot emails arrive successfully your inboxes and keeps you in the loop about all ticket updates. With impeccable organization and scheduling chops, she keeps the team running like a well-oiled machine. Her Wine Riot specialties include manning check-in for wineries and wine deliveries, problem solving on the fly, and assisting our awesome volunteer team.

Lilit Sarkissian

Event Coordinator

From the room that you’re standing in to the signs above your head, Lilit handles all the nuts and bolts that make Wine Riot a reality. She coordinates all furniture rentals, food vendors and audio-visual elements, and is our voice of eternal calm in a sea of chaos. During the Riot Lilit is known to be calling the shots at front of house, tearing tickets to get you in the door ASAP, and masterminding the occasional surprise balloon drop.

Colette Connor

Event Coordinator

Colette is the master wrangler behind Riesling Riot and Night of the Bubbles. This detail-hungry woman of action coordinates all behind-the-scenes details, from getting a glass into your hand to making sure those Wine Riot letters travel safely from LA to NYC and everywhere in between. During the event you can find her steering the ship at front of house, corralling volunteers, or out on the floor making sure you are having an awesome time.

Liz Demakos

Content Creator & Party Enforcer

As reigning Wine Riot veteran, Liz manages all aspects of the floor at the events and curates wine tours so you can easily navigate your way around the space. With eagle eyes for editing and a penchant for creativity, she hops aboard the content train to make sure every last bit of Wine Riot looks and sounds amazing. During the Riot she can be seen leading our volunteers to greatness, hauling ice with particular deftness, and enforcing the party wherever possible.

Sara Argue

Senior Design & Illustrator

Sara is the illustrious illustrator behind Second Glass. She gets most of her work done before the party begins (sometimes minutes before)—designing, illustrating and scheming almost every visual element of the event, from the postcards and wristbands to the huge posters behind the Wine 101 booth. During showtime you can spot her putting finishing touches on all the decor or lending a hand at the temporary tattoo booth, proudly covering tipsy patrons with her wine-themed creations.

Maia Gosselin

Bubbly Master

Looking for the difference between Cava from Spain and Champagne from France? Meet Maia, our Bubbly Master who keeps the wine education flowing at the wildly popular Bubbly Bar! Not only will you take a tour of bubblies from around the world, but Maia will chat with you about different styles, history, trivia, current trends and food pairings. Know a thing or two about wine and have the skills to get behind the bar? Contact Maia to discuss pouring opportunities at our events.

Rachel Baker

Wine Riot Intern

Rachel B’s inaugural Wine Riot will be at NYC, our largest event of the year! Rachel is in charge of making sure that you don’t get lost, thanks to the well-researched, organized, and awesome signage hanging around the event. She also curates the awesome props in the photo booth, putting the icing on the cake of your next Facebook default. During the NYC event, Rachel will be helping the volunteers on the floor and making sure the team remembers to eat!

Rachel Maresca

Wine Riot Intern

Rachel M’s first Wine Riot will be in our flagship city of Boston! Without her incredible planning skills, the Second Glass team would be stranded in Los Angeles. She also books awesome “reality houses” in each city to avoid homelessness. To top it all off, Rachel acts as Volunteer Coordinator to corral our amazing volunteers so that the weekend runs without a hitch. During Wine Riot Boston, you can find Rachel orchestrating volunteers or dancing next to the DJ.

Upcoming Events

Wine Riot NYC 2015
Sep 18-19, 2015