Careers at Second Glass

Working At Second Glass

We are a dedicated team committed to kicking ass at what we do. Whether it’s building mobile technology, throwing events across the nation or an impromptu Nerf gun fight, we know the true definition of “work hard, play hard.” A typical day at the office may involve editing six different Google Docs at the same time, going on secret missions/errands around LA and geeking out to the latest iOS release. It also may involve building dinosaurs, brainstorming tattoo designs for Wine Riot or chair dancing at your computer, because there is no typical day at the office.

We’re looking for people that share the following values

  • You believe anything is possible
  • You have a taste for Fernet and if not, you’re willing to develop one
  • Big companies are fine but they’re not for you
  • You value creativity, design and making things look amazing
  • Your standards are so high they would have made Steve Jobs blush
  • You came here to work your ass off and then PARTY!
  • You are an all-around awesome person